Change Occupation

A service that enables the company to submit a request to change a worker's occupation to match the actual work done in the company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility conditions of the company and the employee to be able to the change employee occupation?

Company Eligibility Conditions

  • The company status must be existent
  • The commercial registration must be valid
  • The company activity must not be from the activity of farmers and shepherds, equestrian, horse breeding or renting domestic labor services

Employee Eligibility Conditions

  • If the occupation is an engineering occupation, a valid profession practice certificate from the Saudi Council of Engineers must be present
  • If the profession is a veterinary occupation, a certificate of practicing a profession from the Ministry of Agriculture must be present
  • If the profession is an accounting occupation, a certificate of practicing a profession must be obtained from the Saudi Commission for Accounting Specialties
  • The status of the worker whose profession is requested to change must not be "Pending service transfer"
  • There should be no request for changing a profession under process for the same worker
  • The worker must not have a final exit permit issued
What are the steps to change the occupation of an employee through the business owner?

- Log in to Qiwa's platform

- Choose "occupation change" service from the e-services

- Select the workers whose profession you want to change

- Select the occupation you want to change to

- Fill in the details of each worker's employment contract

- Apply for a change of occupation 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The application will be sent to the employee in Qiwat, and the employer should remind the employee to enter Qiwa's individuals portal to take the acceptance or rejection procedure.

How can I cancel or amend my profession change request?

Applications submitted can be accessed via the link, Or view orders from the Services page

Is it possible to change the occupation in the visa after it is issued?

The employee can change the occupation after coming to Saudi Arabia, or cancel the visa and re-issue it and choose the occupation again.

هل يمككني تغيير مهنة الموظف الوافد إلى مهنة خاضعة لقرارات التوطين؟

لا يمكن ذلك

Does occupation change service require employee approval?

The employee is required to agree to a occupation change request from Qiwa individuals

What does the status of the application “pending employee approval” mean?

After completing the request by the establishment owner, the establishment owner must inform the employee of entering the Qiwa Individual platform to take the acceptance or rejection procedure.

What does the status of the application “pending employer approval” mean?

After the employee successfully sends the application, the establishment owner is notified to take the approval or rejection procedure for the application.

Does changing the employee's occupation entail paying a fee?

It does not require the payment of fees in Qiwa, but the fees prescribed by the Ministry of Interior must be paid to request a occupation change.

Should the employer update the employee’s data after change occupation in GOSI?

The application will be sent by Qiwa to the Ministry of Interior for their approval or rejection.

To know the conditions for change occupation, click here.

The employer must make the procedure at the Ministry of Interior within 14 days in order to avoid rejection from the system

If the request accepted by the Ministry of Interior, the employee's data in GOSI will be updated automatically.

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