Establishment File

A service that allows submitting a request to open a new establishment file or a branch of the main file, manage it, and view its information. The service also allows adding establishment sites and adding employees to the sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to open an establishment file in Qiwa?

It is opened automatically as soon as a commercial registration is issued.

What is the add establishment site service?

It is a service provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to define and manage establishments' locations on Qiwa platform. The service also allows manpower to be distributed between sites or transferred to them electronically.

How to add establishment sites?
  • Click on E-services
  • Choose “Establishment File“
  • Click on “Add Sites“ icon
  • Add locations through the municipality license or map location
  • Add employees to sites
Service Eligibility Requirements

Requirements for adding establishment sites:

  • The establishment must be available.
  • Validity of the municipality license if the site is linked to the municipality license.
  • Link each municipal license to one site only.
  • The employee must be on the job when he is added to the site.
  • Each employee is associated with only one site
Government Fees


Service Availability


Time to Complete


How to Access the Service

How to add establishment sites:

  1. Click on E-services
  2. Choose “Establishment File“
  3. Click on “Add location“ icon
  4. Add locations through the municipality license or map location
  5. Add employees to entablement location