Labor Market Index

Service that aims to enhance the transparency in the Saudi labor market and provided employers and employees the opportunity to view results that reflect indicators related to the quality of the work environment

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Criteria of the the Localization Quality Index



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for the Localization Quality Index?
  1. Localization percentage: the percentage of Saudi employees in the company
  2. Average Saudis salary: The total salaries of Saudis divided by the number of Saudis in the company
  3. Saudi Female percentage in the company: the number of Saudi female employees, divided by the total number of employees
  4. Average work duration: It is the average length of stay of Saudi employees with the company
  5. Highly paid Saudis percentage: The percentage of Saudi employees in the highest 25% of the establishment's wages
What is the establishments categories in the Labor Market Index mean?

The categories ranking establishment's according to the activity and practices based on its results in the Localization Quality Index, where establishments are compared according to their activity, and their position in any category is determined.

What is "Localization Quality Index" ?

The Localization quality index is based on five specific criteria, including Saudization rate, Saudization of female Employees rate, High wage employees, Employee Sustainability and Average salary of Saudi employees.

What is "Employees Satisfaction Index" ?

The Employees Satisfaction Index is a survey that enables all Saudi and non-Saudi employees at the private sector to evaluate their companies to enhance the competition in the labor market, improve the performance of employers with their employees, increase transparency, listen to the employee’s considerations and improve the existing transactions between all parties.

How can the employee evaluate the establishment?

- Qiwa sends link by SMS or email to the employee.

- The employee sends the survey anonymously after filling it out.

- The business owner can view reports on employee evaluation of his establishment while preserving employees' privacy by not revealing their identity.

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