Labor Policies

Service provided by Qiwa aims to organize internal work environment for companies by the verification of its policies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of the labor policy service?

It is a service that aims to regulate the internal work environment in establishments by electronically verifying its policies, which creates a safe and effective work environment and works to raise awareness and improve the work environment

What is the difference between a standard and a customized work policy?

Standard labor policy:
Enables companies to issue a labor policy and approve it by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development immediately, with the ability to make some limited amendments to the following items:


  • Annual Calendar (Hijri - Gregorian)
  • Leave system
  • Business hours (regular - seasonal)
  • Workdays
  • Weekly rest days

Customized labor policy:
Enables companies to add additional items to the standard labor policy where they are prepared and reviewed by accredited law firms, then approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and submitted and documented in the service

Which companies are obligated to issue and approve a labor policy?

All companies are obligated to issue a labor policy

How can I print the labor policy?

The policy can be printed by navigating to the policy page and selecting the print icon in the top left

What are the steps for accrediting a law firm in Qiwa?

A law firm can register as an approved service provider on Qiwa platform by visiting the service link and registering as a law office which will then be reviewed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

Are Labor Policies prepared and approved by Qiwa's team or are they prepared by the employer?

Standard labor policy are previously approved by the Agency for Inspection and Work Environment Development at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development that do not require approvals and can be issued and approved electronically.

Establishments can make simple amendments to the regulation, such as the number of vacation days - the calendar used - working days.

The Customized labor policy are the regulations specific to each facility. Special terms and conditions are added to the facility, then documented by law firms approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

Is it possible to amend the labor policy for the establishments after its approval?

The labor policy cannot be amended after its approval, but the establishment can cancel and adopt a new one.

I am an employer, and we have a labor policy that is previously approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Do I need to approve the policy again in Qiwa?

It is not necessary to adopt a new labor policy if there is approved one by the Ministry of Human Resources.

Should the employer adopt a labor policy for each branch of the establishment separately, or is one policy sufficient for all establishment components?

The establishment must approve one list under the unified number, and it can approve a list for each of the unified number establishments.

Are Labor Policy documents available in languages other than Arabic?

Labor Policy preparation and accreditation should be in Arabic, and the establishment can translate them to any language after the accreditation by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

What are the procedures resulting from the absence of an approved labor policy in the establishment ?

This results in the imposition of a fine by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

How can an employee view the labor policy of the establishment in which he works?

The employee can view the labor policy by following next steps:

- Register or log in to Qiwa

- Entry into the forces of individuals

- Entering the “labor policy” service

- The policy of the establishment in which the employee works will appear.

* The policy of the establishment must be approved in Qiwa

What conditions are required to be met by a law firm to register as a service provider?

Law firms can register in the service of the labor policy provided that all conditions are met (according to Ministerial Resolution No. 70273) upon registration and throughout the period of :Providing services

- The existence of a valid attorney's license for the owner of the firm specialized in the field of law and approved by the Ministry of Justice. 

- The number of Saudis working for the establishment owner who qualifies for at least a legal bachelor's degree should not be less than two. 

- The owner of the establishment must have experience in the work system, whether they have previously worked in legal departments in the public or private sector for no less than three years, or with experience in preparing and discussing the organization of work for private sector establishments or pleading before the labor judiciary. 

- The establishment owner's commitment to the controls and mechanisms approved by the Ministry for the preparation of labor policy other than the unified model 

- Opening a establishment account through the Ministry's electronic services

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Service Eligibility Requirements

Conditions for issuing standard work policies:

The number of the establishment’s staff does not exceed 49 employees.

Government Fees


Service Availability


Time to Complete


How to Access the Service

How to issue Standard Policy:

  1. Sign-in to Qiwa
  2. Click on E-services
  3. Choose “Labor Policies“
  4. Click on “Standard Policy”
  5. Fill required documents
  6. Preview policy and review it
  7. Submit the Policy


How to issue Custom Policy:

  1. Click on E-services
  2. Choose “Labor Policies“
  3. Click on “Custom Policy”
  4. Fill the documents
  5. Choose an accredited law firm
  6. Submit the Policy by the law firm
  7. Approve the policy by the establishment
  8. Approve the policy by the Ministry of human resources and social development

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