User Management

The user management service provides the ability to add users to establishment accounts on Qiwa and authorize them to manage services and create requests while customizing access permissions to services on each establishment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the User Management Service?

A service for registered establishments in Qiwa which allows them to manage users’ accounts. Such as adding and subscribing users and customizing access permissions to establishments and eServices on Qiwa platform. 

How to add users to the establishment account?

After subscribing, the unified number manager can add users to the establishment and customize their access permissions to the accounts and services through the User Management service



1.     After logging in, go to eServices > User Management Service 

2.     Click on (Subscribe New User) 

3.     Add the user or users National or Iqama IDs. 

4.     Select what establishments to give access to (within same unified number) 

5.     Pay the annual subscription amount

6.     Customize the permissions of the services for each user and each establishment. 


Note: The user must be registered in Qiwa platform to be available for subscription 

How does the annual subscription cost get calculated?

The subscription cost varies according to the size of the unified number establishment. The subscription cost for establishments users can be known after login to the platform and during the subscription process.

Do I need a separate subscription for each of my establishments?

No, if the establishments belong to one unified number. 

The annual subscription to Qiwa provides access to all accounts of the establishments of the unified number, per user.

Is the annual subscription per establishment or per user?

Subscription is per user. Each user of the establishment accounts should have a separate annual subscription and is non-transferable. 


Is the unified number manager required to subscribe to Qiwa to add other users?

If the user to-be-added is previously registered in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development system and is an employee in the same establishment, there is no current requirement for a subscription for the unified number manager and the user can subscribe by himself 


If the user to-be-added is not previously registered in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development system OR previously registered but is not an employee in the same establishment, the unified number manager must be subscribed in Qiwa to be able to add the user. 

Who are the persons authorized to access the service?
  • The owner of the establishment or the unified number manager, who are subscribed on Qiwa 
  • Users who have been given the permissions on the service by the unified number manager 
What are the permissions that could be specified for users?

The admin user can specify which services to access by each user for each establishment separately. 

What is the unified number? And who is the unified number manager?

The unified number account manager is the main authorized user to conduct services on all unified number establishments.

The unified number is the first establishment's file number on the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The unified number account manager is the main authorized user to conduct services on all establishments under the unified number.

Is the subscription transferrable?

No, based on the terms of subscription, subscriptions are non transferable to another authorized user.

Can a user's subscription be suspended?

Yes, the establishment manager or authorized users of the User Management service can permanently stop the access permissions and subscription of the user from the service page.


To add the same user again, a new annual subscription would be required.

Is subscription price refundable?

No, based on the subscription terms and conditions, subscriptions are non-refundable.

Service Eligibility Requirements

No Requirements

Government Fees


Service Availability


Time to Complete


How to Access the Service
  1. Sign -in
  2. E-Services
  3. Select “User Management“
  4. Select “Add New User“
  5. Enter ID\Iqama number for the user or group of users
  6. Select facilities that are allowed to be accessed by each user
  7. Pay annual subscription fee
  8. Allocate permissions of each user on the service for each added facility